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Construction Machinery Company has a large selection of construction equipment rentals in Kentucky! We have compact excavators, long reach excavators, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, telehandlers, hydraulic rock drills, asphalt pavers and more for rent at our dealerships in Owensboro, Carrollton and Louisville, KY! Have a question about construction equipment rentals? Call your local dealership.

Compact Excavators

Model Unit Weight
Yanmar SV08-1 2,348lb
Yanmar Vi035-5 7,850lb
Yanmar Vi035-5 w/ Thumb 7,850lb
Yanmar Vi055-5 11,576lb
Buckets (all Yanmars)

Minimum Swing Radius

Model Unit Weight
Link-Belt 80 Spin Ace 18,400lb
Link-Belt 135/145 Spin Ace 29,100lb
Link-Belt 225/235 Spin Ace 51,376lb

Long Reach Excavator

Model Reach Unit Weight
Link-Belt 240/250LR 60'0" 61,000lb
Link-Belt 240X2LF 60'0" 61,000lb

Track Excavator - Buckets 80 > 250

Model Unit Weight
130 / 130LX 27,100lb
160 / 160X2 37,700lb
210 / 210Lx 47,400lb
240/250 55,400lb

Track Excavator - Buckets 290 > 700

Model Unit Weight
290 / 290LX / 300 65,700lb
330 / 330LX / 350 78,000lb
460 / 460LX / 470 101,200lb

Hydraulic Hammers

Model Impact Energy
Yanmar VIO27 350FtLbs
Yanmar VIO35 550FtLbs
Yanmar VIO55 750FtLbs
Case 580 hoe 1200FtLbs
L-B 130/135/145 2000FtLbs
L-B 160 3000FtLbs
L-B 210/225/235 5000FtLbs
L-B 290/300 8000FtLbs
L-B 330/350 10000FtLbs
L-B 460/470 12000FtLbs

Wheel Loaders

Model Bucket
Kawasaki 45ZV-II 1.18CYD
Kawasaki 60ZV-II 2.2CYD GP
Kawasaki 65TMV-2 2.6CYD GP
Wheel Loader Forks - 48" for Kawasaki 65
Kawasaki 70TMV-2 3.4CYD GP
Kawasaki 80ZV-II 4CYD GP
Wheel Loader Forks - 60" for Kawasaki 80
Kawasaki 95Z7 7.7CYD GP

Skid-Steer Loaders

Model Unit Weight
S220R Rubber Tire 7,610lb
T210 Rubber Track 9,890lb
78" Wide Buckets smth/serrat
Road Widener Shouldering Attachment
60" Pickup Broom

All Terrain Carrier

Model Bucket


Model Drum Width Unit Weight Compaction Force
Dynapac CA150/ CA1500 66" 15,990lb 25,620FtLbs
Dynapac CA250 / CA2500 84" 23,815lb 55,190FtLbs

Self-Propelled Rollers-Pad Foot

Model Drum Width Unit Weight Compaction Force
Dynapac CA 150PD / CA 1500PD 66" 16,540# 32,175#
Dynapac CA 250PD / CA 2500PD 84" 26,900# 67,850#

Vibratory Asphalt

Model Drum Width Unit Weight Compaction Force
CC900G 35" 2,955lb 3,825FtLbs
CC1000 39" 3,858lb 3,825FtLbs
CC 122 / CC 1200 47" 5,735lb 8,170FtLbs
CC 142 / CC 1300 51" 8,600lb 7,440FtLbs

Telescopic Handlers

Skytrak 6036
Skytrak 8042
Skytrak 10054
Work Platform 8'
Truss Boom
Q-T Bucket

Hydraulic Rock Drills

Model Bit Diameter
HCR-900 2.5"-4.0"
HCR-1200 3.5"-4.5"
HCR-1500 4.5"-5.0"


Model Mount Width
Superior DT80J Mid-Mount 8'
Superior SM80J Front-Mount 8'

Road Wideners

Midland SP-8-D

Light Towers

Model Power


19' Scissorlift
45' Art. Boomlift
60' Str. Boomlift
80' Str. Boomlift

Crawler Dozers


Air Compressor

185 CFM Air Compressor


Terex-Finlay I-110 Impact Crusher
Two Week Minimum Rental on Crusher


Terex-Finlay 684 Triple Deck Screen
Two Week Minimum Rental on Screen

Rental Inforamtion is current as of August 2015.